Windswept Luxury Vacation Rental

North Captiva Island in Florida,USA

-In college, I had a sculpture professor… what a job he had! He would share amazing stories… what else do you do in a three hour class where 30 college kids chip at stone with tools? He told us this kinda ordinary story about how he picked his daughter up at school early the day before last.

He went in to the principal’s office and let them know he was there to pick her up for a doctor’s appointment and she’d have to leave school by noon. Really, everyday stuff. Then the sheepish look crept over her as she realized she’d be headed to the doc’s office for something or other.

As they climbed into the beat up VW van outside the school, she looked up at Dad and said, “what doctor’s appointment?” He cracked a wry smile and finally proclaimed… The doctor’s appointment with “Dr. Sun!!!!” He put on his shades, handed her her’s and on they cruised to Hampton Beach, NH.

-I wouldn’t say that this story defines what you sometimes need in life, but it can help a lot – no matter what is going on at the moment. Make an apointment with “Dr. Sun” in your life… desination North Captiva Island, FLA USA! – You will treasure it, remember it, love it. -Wendy Muller

Wendy Muller

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